Giveaway 21 — Random Steam Code — AgentEurybia — Princess Loot Pixel Again


Hello Wordians!

Good Morning everyone! I wanted to take a quick minute to give an update to the viewers. Since I came back last month the support from you all has been tremendous! I appreciate everyone of you and I was so surprised to see the family waiting for me when I returned. Since I have come back we have already blown through The Walking Dead 1, 2, and Michonne episodes. We have also gotten a sneak peek at DoH and some casual Sonic play on the Genesis. I have now also become extremely addiction to CS GO! The schedule starting this Friday is going to ALMOST be set in stone! Starting this coming Friday night is the premiere of Diablo 3 Season 6. We will mainly be streaming Diablo 3 and CS GO. We will still do old school RPG’s so have no worries. Final Fantasy 9 will still be streamed. Also we have introduced the currency of CANDY! Every 1 minute you spend in my room will earn you one piece of candy. You can then gamble with the candy. i will have set rewards in the future for the candy. That’s about it folks. I wanted to keep it short n sweet. I hope to see everyone this weekend! Steam code giveaways and a 20 dollar steam wallet code!