Where Do the Donations Go?

I am floored by the amount of support the Wordians have shown me. The overwhelming movement has grown to the point where I needed to make a blog readily available for anyone thinking I am blowing the proceeds away. Here, you will see exactly where the money goes. I will show you all proceeds received. I will show you what those proceeds become after Paypal take their fees. I will show you how much of those proceeds go towards hardware upgrades and how much goes towards our end of the month giveaways. There is nothing to hide and I love all of you for joining the team!

80% of all proceeds goes towards upgrades & 20% goes towards end of the month giveaways & I will match 10% of all proceeds after fees

Total Amount of Donations Received – $519.50

Total Amount After PayPal Fees – $485.19

Total Amount Towards Upgrades – $396.23($370.99 Spent — $25.24 Left)

Total Amount Towards Giveaways – $99.03($55.24 Spent — $43.79 Left)

Total Amount From WizKidWord – $49.50 ($27.62 Spent — $21.88 Left)



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